i've been waiting for you for such a long time now

it starts with a love story

that goes slightly blurry...

and the harder you look,

the harder you look.

and 'cause you still can't understand

that the world spins 'round

with childish immaculacy,

nostalgia keeps you trapped

between "the nameless and the name."

disclaimer: these photos do not belong to me.  no copyright infringement intended. 


jeux d'enfants

Cap ou pas cap?


le feu


regardez moi.

Image # 1 taken by and property of Lera Amelia Meloyan.  All rights reserved.
These photos do not belong to me.  No copyright infringement intended.


unfinished theories

Was reacquainting myself Theyskens' Theory Spring '11 and fell in love with these particular pieces all over again.  A part of me prefers the sketches to the actual clothes because the drawings possess an indescribable rawness that the finished products just don't have...though I would never complain about having to wear one of his drool-worthy ensembles.  The simplicity of it all just kills me.